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FMSIB Laws and Rules

The following laws and regulations pertaining to the Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board, groups and individuals are listed below. The linked chapters below will take you to the Office of the Code Reviser's website for more detailed information.


Chapter Title
RCW 47.06A Freight Mobility
47.06A.001 Findings
47.06A.010 Definitions
47.06A.020 Duties
47.06A.030 Board - Creation - Membership
47.06A.040 Board -- Administration and Staffing
47.06A.050 Allocation of Funds
47.06A.060 Grants and Loans
47.06A.070 Records
47.06A.080 Port District Development Plans
47.06A.900 Severability -- 1998 c 175


Title 226 WAC
226-01 Description of Organization
226-02 Public Access to Information and Records
226-12 Submission of Proposed Freight Mobility Projects to FMSIB Board
226-16 Requirements for Freight Mobility Project Development
226-20 Financial and Payment Requirements