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FMSIB Board Members

Temple Lentz

Temple Lentz - Chair

Temple Lentz began service on the FMSIB board in 2019, representing counties. She…

Ben Wick

Ben Wick - City Representative

Ben Wick was selected as Spokane Valley Mayor in 2020. In 2017, he had been elected to serve his…


Anne McEnerny-Ogle - City Representative

Anne McEnerny-Ogle was originally elected to Vancouver City…

Al French

Al French - County Representative

After serving in the United States Marine Corps from 1969-72, Al moved…

John McCarthy

John McCarthy - Port Districts Representative

For a total of 13 years, John McCarthy has served as a Port…


Leonard Barnes - Port Districts Representative

Leonard Barnes joined the Port of Grays Harbor in 1984, bringing a…

Johan Hellman

Johan Hellman - Railroad Industry

For nearly three decades, Johan Hellman has worked with…

Peter Bennett

Peter Bennett - Marine Representative

Peter Bennett is retired after a 40-year career in the maritime industry…

Maatt Ewes

Matthew Ewers - Trucking Industry

Matt Ewers is a principal and Senior Vice President at IEDS Logistics in…

Aaron Hunt

Aaron Hunt - Ex Officio Member

Aaron Hunt’s work in Corporate Relations spans more than 20 years during which…